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by Jane Seifried


I am always drawn to the ever changing beauty of Lake Huron

I am always drawn to the ever changing beauty of Lake Huron

Look and think before opening the shutter. The heart and mind are the true lens of the camera.
— Yousuf Karsh

It all started when...

I moved to Bayfield, Ontario, for my job as a Paramedic.  I fell in love with Lake Huron and its beautiful sunsets.  I bought my first DSLR camera in 2009, a used Canon Rebel XT.  I was content snapping pictures in automatic mode for many years, then, something in me shifted.  Slowly I needed to know more and more.

In 2014 I upgraded my camera gear and have since dedicated myself to continually reading, listening and learning about this fine craft.  I truly appreciate the art of photography.  I will stare at images, analyzing what it is that draws me in and holds my attention.  I push myself to create such images.  

I am an adventurer at heart.  I love to just get outside and see what I find.  My photos are taken as I hike through forests, along trails and shorelines or as I travel along country roads.  Most days I do not have a plan.  I simply head out the door with my camera gear and see what catches my eye.

There are times when I have been tasked with a particular challenge of a subject or theme to photograph.  I love this aspect of photography as well.  Seeing the world through the frame of my camera and capturing something familiar in a way that may not have been seen before.  

Please take some time to enjoy the images I have displayed here.  Prints are available for purchase by contacting me directly.  If you have any projects that you feel would suit my style of photography or would like to schedule a photo session, please feel free to reach out and discuss your ideas.

Thank-you and Take Care,

Jane Seifried